Our 3 Best College Essays

I mentioned at the beginning of assembly that Stephen Bess who incidentally is is watching this in California right now had initiated this idea because he felt profoundly changed and influenced by the writing program at MBA and by some of his teachers particularly dr. Pascal my predecessor who was his English teacher and he wanted to essentially say to the student body and to the faculty that the writing process made a difference in his own life and in his professional career Stephen probably would have been here today for this event but he he got sick this year and he’s actually struggling with a type of cancer and he’s undergoing a bone-marrow transplant on April 23rd he wrote me last night about about this morning and about that process and how a lot of the lessons he learned here would give him he thought the endurance and fortitude to do well under a pretty tough circumstances because not only does he have to have that transplant on the 23rd he will have to be in the ICU unit for about a month to make sure that things are okay so clearly I’m saying to him that on behalf of the school community we wish him the best and and certainly say good morning very early to you out there Stephen and hope you enjoy this contest our college admissions office asks the seniors to submit their essays for the competition and then they narrow the number of entries to the three finalists that we’ll hear today and and then the panel in front of me will judge which one is the best and will recognize the winner at the end of assembly so it’s their own order it’ll be first Tate ramsden and then Chris ha Berman and then Hamilton mill we let’s recognize all three as take comes up someone I have never met has changed my life as a young boy I spent many afternoons during the summer on the fifth floor of one Belle Meade place my dad’s office building waiting for him to give me a ride although these afternoons often pass without much excitement each day was punctuated by faint singing on the street below looking out the window I could make out a man in the distance waiting at the nearest bus stop not only would mr. happy seeing unintelligible nonsense at the top of his lungs it also climbed onto the bus stop bench to amplify his voice after the first couple of days I quizzically asked my dad what and why the strange man was shouting at every passing car my dad simply Shogun’s told me that mr. happy saying because he was happy to be alive even after this simple explanation mr. happy continued to Brooke to perplex me upon my next visit to the office which of course meant witnessing another dose of singing from the top of the bench I watched into another round of questioning as with any other inquisitive eight-year-old from this investigation I discovered that mr. happy worked a minimum-wage job at the local target apparently he managed to hold all the singing in a work instead saving it to preach his message of pure joy at the bus stop that night when I returned home from swim practice I immediately asked my mom if she knew of the man of the bus stop almost instantaneously she let up and said mr. happy of course I do everyone knows mr. happy this introduction to mr. happy soon changed my perspective on goals and expectations within a private school world onefold pressures to succeed as a gentleman scholar athlete while all these pillars remain extremely important to me I’ve discovered that approaching life with an honest joy can completely redefine success myself expectations remain as high as ever but I forced myself to stop and enjoy all that high school has to offer from Friday night football games to truly enjoying learning new material in class almost anyone else would find mr. Happy’s life boring and unsuccessful this man however has learned to find joy and simply being alive Richard Kipling noted that the quest for wealth often produces emptiness someday you will meet a man who cares for none of these things then you will know how poor you are even though I’ve never met mr. happy a local target worker has managed changed my life every time I see him inside the store he reminds me once again what it means to lead a truly happy existence despite owning no car and holding a minimum-wage job his managed to influence one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Nashville reminding every passing car at 5:30 that happiness can come to anyone who looks in the right places the Sun was shining brightly overhead as I was playing with my friend outside the Montessori Center preschool we were two heroes fighting hordes of evildoers and villains with invisible swords and guns halfway through her conquest I asked him who are we fighting he responded the Germans of course they’re awful my great-great-grandfather killed dozens of them and the world war two after the battle I went around the playground asking other kids what they thought about the Germans all of them who said they didn’t like them and that the Nazis which I told me were the was what bad Germans were called I was horrified at this thought that my dad who came from Germany could be some sort of fiend and watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark that night did not help this image I became even more terrified when I found out that he was an alien little Dino that his green card simply meant that he was from a different country not a different planet it was much easier to come to terms with my mom’s heritage than with my father’s when I tell people that I’m part Indian they say oh Gandhi when I told them that part German they say Oh Hitler apparently my skin colour is deceiving causing other people to think that Mexican Greek Middle Eastern or some other dark complexion nest’ nationality I told them half German half Indian 100% American this German side of me however can make me feel less than 100% American at times I remember my teacher in third grade asking the class if any of our forefathers had in the world wars my shy mumbled eight-year-old response was yeah but now on the side you’re thinking of it took me a while to come to terms with my heritage it happened in my grandmother’s house in Germany when I was 10 I was exploring every nook and cranny since I came here at best only once a year and the study upstairs I had a foreboding feeling as I set my eyes upon a drawer in the bookcase something dark was in the bottom of that drawer something that I had found years before but chose to forget Drummer my Chester to beat faster and faster reaching a fevered pitch as I touched something cold and metallic underneath all the papers I knew that this was it I pulled it out I remembered finding the item when I was much younger about 6:00 or so immediately running down the stairs as fast my low legs take me to Hydra Neath my covers I gaze upon it after I pulled it out it was sinister than I remembered the medal was beginning to rest and the cream-colored plastic feeling ivory grip was tripped but where the help and the blade met was still that dastardly symbol a German eagle standing atop of a swastika this time I wasn’t over overcome by a wave of fear okay I may have been a little scared but rather accepted my roots by now I knew that now all Nazis were bad but usually good German people who just wanted to survive an extremely oppressive regime thankfully my family falling to that latter description they even had a Jewish woman during the height of the war this time instead of running away scared I started to steward for a few minutes store fought my shadow as any self-respecting ten-year-old boy would do and then gently placed it back so that I could continue with my exploration of the house this event taught me one crucial lesson without knowledge I felt powerless when I was young I thought that all Germans in the Nazi era were dark destructive and demonic with this inchoate image of my past I had felt scared and powerless once I learned more however I was able to face my fears and overcome them the motto of my high school fortitudo Persky anthem to scandium resounds with me that think back to the moment that started my desire to learn as much as possible through knowledge comes strength thank you it’s 5:30 in the morning the Sun is peeking over the Boston skyline the elderly speed walkers and warmups are filing out their front doors the smell of McGriddle is wafting through the air and two teenagers are lying face down in the middle of commonwealth avenue this scene may seem dripped from a surrealist sketchpad but to me it’s simply the morning after a far more enlightening night my name is Hamilton mui and i’m lying on the pavement next row moroccan girl named Salma a friend I met the night before who changed my life forever the night before my fellow students and I at Boston University high school honors program were corralled into the dining hall in fact a record-breaking heat wave had struck the city and forced all of us into the only room with air conditioning in fact with no homework I was passing the time playing Texas Hold’em with two natives of Dallas and Salma at 11 p.m. while all the other students were nodding off Salma and I were just beginning our discussions we both enjoyed foreign policy we both loved kpop and most importantly we both shared a very strong faith in God but to her he was Allah never before had I discussed at length with someone faithfully he was not a Christian her trust and dedication amazed me she said something I had thought strange coming from a non-christian at the time if you believe in a loving God a power far greater than yourself why don’t you try to incorporate that greatness into your life every single day as much as possible I was feeling a crisis of conscience coming from the Bible Belt I’d grown up in church in fact I was told from the moment I left the womb that Jesus was the only way and that everyone who doesn’t believe he’s the son of God cannot have eternal life and though I had questioned that statements authenticity multiple times before never before had I been this conflicted here was a girl who was as devoted to her faith as I was to mine if not more and in my ignorance I’d even viewed Muslims as people who may pray multiple times a day but don’t really believe people who fate use their faith to push a political agenda I’d not actually stop to think that one might think the exact same thing of Christian looking at sama and her faith I realized that no living human would ever be positive that his or her faith is right and it would be a little bit too late to change anything when he or she did until that day that we can until that day all that we can hope is to follow the faith that we choose wholeheartedly while remaining open to new ideas I found that closed mindedness is the bane of progress and of truth she and I continue to exchange ideas and compare lives into the wee hours of the morning in honor of all not in fact an honor of our all-nighter and in order to take part in a growing fad she mentioned that we should plank a few objects around Boston and one of those included Commonwealth Avenue the lack of cars may have helped but laying prone on one of the busiest streets in Boston while another person takes a picture is a great way to christen a new friendship and a newly found cultural understanding sadly due to sheer distance I’m only maintaining one of those two today since I got back to Nashville though I’ve sought out new people of different faiths ethnic backgrounds and Heritage’s simply to create a dialogue and to get to know each other I try at least once a day to be a Samba for someone else well I’d like to thank the three participants this morning in the essay contest College Admissions is a topic I think of great interest with a lot of people nationally and internationally and as mr. Gaines and I were talking before the program today college admissions has changed dramatically in the last 10 to 15 years it’s gotten much more competitive and so the college essays become a distinguishing factor among applications that have or students whose applications have very similar numbers and very similar achievements in different kinds of way so you saw this morning I think three different examples of really great essays so thank you three for sharing the good news for us at MBA is that that a lot of seniors could have submitted their essays because they’ve worked really hard the senior class has worked really hard on crafting and developing essays that reflect who they are reflect their individual talents reflect what they hope to achieve later on in life reflect their passions and and really give college admissions officers a good sense of what they might do when they get to their campus and that’s really one of the most important things about the college essay is that students help themselves distinguish themselves in an incredibly selective admissions pool but I’m going to tell you guys the categories that the judge is judged on they that the different categories are clear organized essay topic is appropriate for for a college essay it helps the audience to learn something about the student the essay captures your attention and the essay will help the student to stand out in an applicant pool I think all three of these definitely did that and based on their college admissions decisions that absolutely help them in the process but today they had to choose a winner among these three and today’s winner is Chris Habermann you

Editing Hosted Feature Services in ArcGIS for Desktop

hello my name is Brian Herron and I’m a member of the department of aviation GIS group and in this video I’m going to show you how to bring data from ArcGIS online into arcgis for desktop edit it and then synchronize it back to arcgis online so to begin with we’re working in desktop ten point three point one and i should say that in this version ESRI offers you multiple ways to get to your data in ArcGIS online and it can be a little bit confusing and I’ll show you each of those options as we go through this demonstration so to bring data into your desktop environment the first thing you have to do is log into ArcGIS online from arcmap so you go up to file go down to sign out and I’m gonna sign out here and Reese I nin just to show you the process from start to finish so we’ll go back here to file sign in we’re gonna sign into ArcGIS online and you just use your regular ArcGIS online credentials for your site all right and then you can go back to file and you can verify that you are in fact signed into your ArcGIS online account okay so talking about adding data you’ve got a couple of options from the file menu and you also have an option from the traditional add data menu and we’ll talk about each of those in turn so to begin with let’s say we want to add a vase map to our map here in desktop you come here and you go to add data add base map click the option and what it will do is it will open whatever base map services you have registered with ArcGIS online normally it will open and show you just those base maps that are available from the ArcGIS online out-of-the-box instance but here in the department of aviation what we have done is we’ve customized our base map options so our users only see those that are relevant to the airport so for this this exercise I will pick oh I tell you what I will pick our hosted 2015 aerial and web Mercator this is a cached map service it is stored in ArcGIS online and we use it primarily for web mapping and mobile application development but I’m going to bring it into our desktop you just click and add now as you can imagine everything we’re gonna do here is very much dependent on bandwidth if you have a slow internet connection if you have slow bandwidth your workspace the experience is not going to be as snappy as you’re going to see here okay so it’s brought in that cache map service and if you all understand what a cache map service is it’s just a bunch of tiles cached out at set scales and we scale all the way down to one to 100 and as i zoom in here you can see as the cache is build the resolution is actually very good okay so we’ve added a base map the next thing we’re going to add is our electric meter layer that exists as a hosted feature service in ArcGIS online so as I said there’s a couple of ways to get to the data from the file interface here in arcmap desktop the first thing we’ll look at is the add data option so you can come here and I’ll remember we were here only we use this interface to add a base map so now we’re going to add data from ArcGIS online so I’m going to click here and what it does is it essentially it opens your home page that you have configured in ArcGIS online and this is this is designed to show you your data data that you have created and have hosted an ArcGIS online and it’s data that you own you are the owner of that those data hosted feature services so I’ll just click my data that’s what I want to search for and then I’m going to search here for electric meters okay and it’s going to show me the hosted feature services that I created that have electric meters in the description or are tagged as electric meters so I’m just going to add that data to the map and it’s added not much has popped up there represented by these reddish squares and what I’ll do is with the base map is I will come in here and I will change the transparency the first thing I need to do is add the toolbar for effects so I can change the transparency so I’m sorry and we’ll set the transparency at about 50% so so the icons for the meters stand out okay the other ways to add the same data is remember we started at file went down to add data and we used either the add based map or add data from ArcGIS online the other thing that you can do is you can come to this interface that says just ArcGIS online and it does essentially the same thing where we’re not really sure why ESRI gives you all of these connection options into your data in ArcGIS online I really personally think it’s a reflection of just you know they’re they’re taking and what is a legacy arcgis desktop interface and trying to build this functionality and and they put it a few different places to see how it would work best we’re not going to do a search here but well let’s just just to show you we can do the same thing here we’re gonna search my data my maps and data okay and we’re going to search for electric meters okay and we’re seeing the same data pop up as an option here I won’t add it okay close that interface and we’ll go to to the last one I wanted to show you and most of us who work in desktop are familiar with this interface this is the add data interface click here and in your add data options one of the one of the standard options now is my hosted features or my hosted services so this is a connection to your ArcGIS online instance so you can click here and you can scroll across and you can see all of the hosted feature services that are available to you and I won’t bother to search in here for the electric meters just you know be assured they’re in here fact let’s have a look here electric meters right there electric meters GPC all right so that’s the basically it’s the same layer that I added from the other interface so we’ll just we’ll just go ahead and take one of these two layers out all right so we’ve got the electric meters added into the map but really we’re just looking at them it’s pulling the data dynamically from ArcGIS online and displaying it in the arcgis for desktop interface what I want to do is I want to bring this data down to my desktop edit it I want to add a few meters and then synchronize those added meters which is an edit change to the database synchronize that change to the database back up to the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online so to do that we’re going to right click on the layer name go down to edit features and I’m going to create a local copy for editing now when I click that button what what’s happening is ArcGIS desktop is pulling that data out of ArcGIS online and creating a temporary file geodatabase on your desktop to store that data but there is a synchronization link that exists now between that local file geodatabase and the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online now once I’ve done that I can begin an edit session start editing okay and it’s gonna tell me spatial reference does not match the data frame we won’t worry about that so this but this is a good point to bring up remember the day the basemap I brought in was in web Mercator all of our hosted feature services are in Georgia state plane so there is a coordinate system Mitch mismatch here and it’s giving you that warning saying hey listen there’s a you know there’s a mismatch between you know the base map and the hosted feature service it’s not important for this exercise but it is something you might want to keep in mind if you’re gonna edit data you really want all of your data layers to be in the same coordinate system but I’m just gonna continue okay so we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to create features I’m gonna pick up electric meters point and I’m just going to I tell you what I’m just gonna drop one two three electric meters okay not going to worry about filling out any of the attributes I’m just gonna drop the points okay well we’ve done that we’re gonna save our edits and we are going to stop editing okay so I have added those three new electric meters to the database the temporary database that exists on my local desktop and to show you what’s going on what I’ll do now is I’ll pull in that same data in ArcGIS online okay so I’m done adding layers here I configured this earlier so we’re seeing the same thing here let me set the transparency for the aerial image okay we’ll set that to about 50% so things pop out just just like we did in the desktop but we’re seeing the same we’re seeing the same data layer the Georgia power meters and you notice I in desktop I added three meters in this area but they’re not showing up in ArcGIS online so I am going to minimize this and we’re back looking at desktop I have closed out my edit session after adding these three electric meters so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to synchronize the change the addition of these three meters with the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online so to do that I go back to the layer in the table of contents I go back to edit features and I’m going to synchronize local edits with server all right if I click that button what’s happening now is desktop is pushing that change to the geo database back up to the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online and it’s adding those three new meters so to check this let’s go back to the web map so we’re back to the web map we’re looking at the electric meter so here’s an electric meter here’s an electric meter but notice there’s nothing here but the change will show up once i refresh the map and to refresh a map in ArcGIS online you don’t actually have to hit refresh you just have to pan or zoom a little bit and it’ll automatically refresh the map and bring in any data changes so I’m just going to do that i’m just i’m just gonna shift the map a little bit so it’ll refresh and boom notice those three have now been added to the hosted feature service and appear in my web map that just shows you how dynamic this environment is any change you make in one environment is automatically reflected in another so we made a change in desktop synchronize that change with ArcGIS online and those changes were immediately visible in the web map so it works the same way with deletion so we created these three new electric meters we synchronize the change as soon as you do that synchronization what happens is you break that synchronization relationship between the local geo database the temporary geo database on your desktop and the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online so if I wanted to go in and delete these what I have to do now is I have to create a new local copy for editing and that’s what I’m doing here alright so I’ve created a new local copy for editing I am going to start editing and again it’s gonna throw up that little error that says my spatial references don’t match I’ll say not a problem continue alright so I grab my selection button for edit box those out hit delete they’re gone I save my edits I stop editing I go back I right-click I go to edit features and I’m going to sync once again synchronize local edits with server ok I’ve synchronized those local edits now let’s pull up the web map so and in the web map they still show up but once again if i refresh the map what’ll happen is they’ll they’ll they’ll be removed from the hosted feature service or actually should say they’re already removed from the hosted feature service I just have to refresh the map for that change to show and let’s do that so I’m just gonna just gonna move it around a little bit okay and it’s gonna make a liar out of me oh there it is okay I had to zoom out actually okay so zoomed out zoom back in they’ll notice those three are now gone they’ve been removed on synchronization they were removed from the hosted feature service okay so that was just a short demonstration of how you can edit your hosted feature service data in arcgis for desktop it’s our recommendation if you have a lot of edits that you need to do against a hosted feature service while you can do those edits through the web interface it can be pretty tedious because you can only edit one feature or one element at a time our best practice is to do what I just did you bring that data down to the desktop and then you have the full suite of desktop editing tools available to you okay you have all of these tools including the advanced editing tools to do what you need to against that data and then you just synchronize those changes back up with the hosted feature service in ArcGIS online it’s just a it’s a much more efficient way to do bulk editing all right well as always if you have any questions feel free to get ahold of us here at the GIS group at the Department of Aviation we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or walk you through or talk you through any questions or issues you might have thank you

iPad vs Macbook for Students — Can a tablet replace your laptop?

hey guys welcome back to the channel if you new here my name is Ellie I’m a junior doctor working in Cambridge and in this video I’m gonna be answering the age-old question of whether an iPad pro with Apple pencil can really replace a MacBook Pro or equivalent laptop and because I’m a fan of upfront conclusions I’m just going to tell you what I think right now and that is your iPad probably can’t replace your laptop I can see what you’d want to I can see why it’s a romanticized notion of an iPad replacing a laptop but unfortunately we’re not yet at the point where an iPad can feasibly replace a laptop so that’s all you wanted to hear then that’s fantastic could you drop a like on the video and then you can click away and do something more interesting with your time but for the rest of the video I’m gonna be elaborating on this point a little further and explaining exactly why I don’t think an iPad can really truly replace a MacBook so as usual the structure of the video that’s going to appear alongside there in front of my cambridge degree that i’ve artistically mounted on the wall i don’t if you noticed and also in the video description so you can click to the timestamps but before we go forward I just want to say that this video is very kindly sponsored by uni days who are a fantastic company for getting student discounts I have saved about 300 pounds on this macbook about 150 pounds on this ipad i save a fiver every month on my spotify premium membership with uni days they just verify your student status using your email it’s free you get a free app and yeah you might as well give it a go if you’re a student you just save loads of money on loads and loads of different brands in pretty much every country in the world okay so structure of this video I’m gonna start by talking a little bit about why you might think that an iPad might want to replace your laptop and the few cases in which is good to have an iPad instead of a laptop but then I’m gonna spend the bulk of the video talking through various use cases that I found when I tried to this out for myself where like an iPad can sort of do what a laptop can but it’s just such a pain in the bottom and I think that’s kind of the story of this whole debate that you you maybe sort of can sort of replace your laptop with your iPad but it would be such an annoyance for a lot of things that you want to do that it’s probably normal doing okay so why might you want to replace your laptop with an iPad I can see why you want to do that maybe you watched my previous video about how I take notes on my iPad Pro and you were inspired to suddenly start handwriting for your notes and taking notes and that and that’s absolutely fantastic and maybe you realized that oh I kind of want a macbook pro and those start at about 1500 pounds these days that’s a lot of money or maybe you’ve decided that yeah occasionally if you do have to type up essays or whatever in class you can just get the Apple keyboard attachment for the e for the iPad then you can type up whatever you want and if you’re just using your computer to browse YouTube and Netflix and Facebook and stuff that works perfectly fine on the iPad so if you’re just doing those things like writing a few assignments making notes in class and watching multimedia it kind of makes sense doesn’t it that you want to replace your laptop with with an iPad but unfortunately I don’t think that’s quite the full story and now I’m just gonna talk about various instances in which you would be glad that you’ve had a laptop instead of knob and iPad firstly let’s talk about general efficiency at using a device an iPad and a MacBook and any kind of device these are all just tools for your own creativity for your own tasks so if you’re a student you probably have to write an essay or do some kind of assignment or something along those lines and in my opinion the device that gets that done the fastest is the device that you want to have because as a student and especially if you’re at university or whether there’s loads of stuff going on you don’t want to be spending a lot of time doing work you want to be spending that time doing more interesting things with your time instead and if we’re talking about general efficiency then the iPad is not a very efficient device the touch navigation thing is cool but is it’s objectively slower than navigating using a keyboard on a macbook so let’s say you want to open a web address in the iPad you’d have to swipe up from the bottom to get the dog you have to click on Safari and then you’d have to click on the little address bar then you have to type it in the keyboard while your you know your a list but if you have a MacBook and you’re using it to its full potential by using stuff like spotlight and Alfred and things that help with the keyboard navigation then pretty much whatever you thinking that you want to do on a computer you can just be done that little bit faster on a MacBook rather than on an iPad and I’ve tried this out for a few days I genuinely tried replacing my MacBook with an iPad you know just for standard student stuff and I found that while it was possible I was getting frustrated with how slow the whole process was because for me I’m very used to you know as soon as thought of something that I want to do on a computer I want that action to be done as quickly as possible and with a fast typing speed and something like Alfred a spotlight you can do that but with an iPad you’re kind of a bit encumbered by by the software and by just the general touch interface of the iPad so that was point number one general efficiency on an iPad is just a little bit reduced compared to a MacBook which is why I find it a bit annoying using an iPad for a long extended period of time secondly let’s talk about writing essays and especially if you’re writing any kind of essay or long assignment that requires references finding good reference software and integrating it within a word processor on the iPad is a lot more of a pain in the bum than it is on a MacBook or on a Windows laptop on a MacBook or Windows laptop you’ve got stuff like EndNote and Mendeley I use mentaly personally and it just works nicely you’ve got a market work plugin and you know you sort out your references everyone knows how to use mentally you know it’s just like a standard thing and if you passed that document on to other friends who also likely have Mendeley and Microsoft Word then they can add references to it and there have been quite a few occasions in my time in med school where I’ve collaborated with friends on different papers and it’s been so useful all of us having Microsoft Word with the Mendeley plugin so that our references stuff didn’t get screwed up and that would just be a lot more of a pain in the bum on the iPad compared to the MacBook Pro so if you’re writing any sort of essays with references you’ll be glad in a long run that you have a laptop instead of just an iPad certainly or if you want to print something and yeah I know it’s 2018 who prints anything these days but even someone like me who’s gone completely paperless and you know I grew find myself because I’ve gone competing paperless and love the fact that I’ve gone completely paperless I still have to print stuff very occasionally those stuff like travel expense forms when claiming money back from the University for travelling to my medical school placement or occasionally you do have to print something off and hand sign it for some very odd reason and printing stuff from an iPad is it’s possible but again it’s just a story it’s a bit more of a paint you can always email it to a friend and ask them to print it you could use you know HP air print or Apple air print but really who has an AirPrint enabled printer these days where it actually works and actually connects to the Wi-Fi with a laptop you know that if your printer is being completely screwed all you have to do is just plug the USB cable into the laptop and you know you’ll reliably be able to print something out so again if you want to print stuff having that having a macbook makes it a bit more of a pleasant experience than having to struggle with the interfaces of an iPad what about presentations presentations are really common like depending on what sort of degree you’re doing what sort of school you’re at chances are you’re going to have to do some kind of PowerPoint or keynote presentation at some point and again like while it is possible to create PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on an iPad it’s just a bit more of a pain than is creating it on a MacBook it’s so much faster doing it on a laptop we’re we’ve used to the interface we’re doing on a laptop we know where the buttons are we know how things work and if we’re handing it off to someone they’ll know how it works doing it on an iPad is possible but it takes more time and therefore whenever I’ve had to make a presentation and I’ve been on the go I’ve kind of started off with my iPad I’ve used keynote on my iPad I’ve you know at one point I was running a teaching session for some of the students in the air below and I thought to myself you know what I’m gonna be one of those people that just uses my iPad to make this presentation I’ll connect it up to the projector and just navigate with my iPad and after about five minutes of struggling with keynote to try and make this presentation I just gave up I decided to go home get my MacBook out and do this properly it was a lot quicker a lot more a lot more efficient and just ultimately I was more productive and could do better things with my time because I had a laptop instead of just an iPad finally let’s talk about spreadsheets spreadsheets are again a bit of a pain to navigate with the iPad I use Google sheets for lots of things I use it for my active recall spreadsheets I use it for spaced repetition you can check out some my videos about evidence based study tips if you’re into that sort of stuff and although I can sort of use Google sheets on an iPad again it’s the same story it’s more of a pain it’s much easier just going on my macbook logging into Google sheets and then just being able to do stuff a lot faster let’s I need to put a formula let’s I need to conditional formatting let’s they need to drag down formally across cells you can do all of that on an iPad but again it’s just it’s just more converse that was just more of an aim if you try and just use an iPad instead of a instead of a laptop you find a lot of these little things like in theory it seems like a very reasonable thing like if you’re a student you want to handwrite your notes all you’re doing is watching Netflix it seems reasonable to think that well why don’t I just you know replace my laptop with my eye with my iPad it’s easier to carry around it makes me feel a bit more hipster and edgy that I’m just using an iPad pro with Apple pencil I would have thought that until I tried it and realized that actually unfortunately we’re still not at the point where an iPad can fully replace a laptop so having said all that I still absolutely love my iPad pro I use it every single day I use it at work for my to-do list I use it whenever I’m drafting a YouTube video I use it whenever I want to take notes and anything but essentially for the most part I’m using my iPad as a glorified piece of paper and a glorified piece of paper is not the only device that you want to have on your person if you really are in that position where you’re choosing between an iPad and a laptop you should definitely go for the laptop though they’re just my two cents so yeah hopefully you found this video useful we talked about why I think a laptop cannot replace an iPad I hope I’ve given you some kind of opinionated framework to to decide this if you want to give it a go then by all means give it a go and let me know how it goes in the comments and maybe in a few years time when you know maybe tablets get more advanced or if I ever decide to switch over to the Microsoft ecosystem god forbid and start using a surface which is like a hybrid laptop and a hand tablet then maybe I’ll make another video reading this point but I have recently tried just use my iPad instead of my MacBook and I find myself going back to the MacBook always and just using the iPad as a glorified piece of paper so thank you very much for watching and thanks again to uni days for sponsoring this video if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet please consider doing so have a lovely day and I will see you in the next video goodbye [Music] you